Kaarna Living ESR project

2009 – 2011 | ESR Projekti Kaarna Living

ESR Projekti sai alkunsa opinnäytetyönäni toteuttamasta sisustusnäyttelystä, [Willa Kaarna] joka oli projektin myötä toteutettu ensimmäinen sisustuskokonaisuus.

Toimin hankkeen projektipäällikkönä aikavälillä 11/2009 – 2/2011.

Projektin aikana toteutettiin useita sisustuskokonaisuuksia eri paikoissa yritysten ja opiskelijoiden välisenä yhteistyönä, jota projektipäällikkönä ollessani koordinoin.

Projektin julkinen loppuraportti löytyy täältä: Kaarna Living ESR

“The ambition of Kaarna Living project was to find and test alternative marketing channels and new way to present products compared to the traditional appearance at exhibitions. Project’s target group was local furniture and other furnishing product manufacturers and local learning institutes.

The project strongly encouraged local product manufacturers and learning institutes to co-operate with each other. The aim was to find co-operating model that would really provide benefit to all participators of the project.

Project manager’s role was to generate ideas and lead smaller projects underneath Kaarna Living and find compatible students and manufacturers to each project. Project management enclosed intense co-operating with participators and working as a mediator between them. Project manager’s work was also to organize the projects execution, information and marketing.

Different manufacturer’s products were presented as matching interior entities. During project was created a new interior design concept for presenting products. This kind of co-marketing was economical to the manufacturers. Projects established with the products of different manufacturers also provided companies prepared set-ups to take interior pictures of products. It also brought a chance to be on display in other companies product pictures.

Co-operating gave the students a chance to make studying projects with real companies and circumstances. Sella’s position at the field of furniture industry and contacts to the manufacturers gave learning institute’s multiple chances to find companies to co-operate with studying projects and students.

Kaarna Living project was almost a direct addition to my design studies thesis at the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.”